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Fit Stop Yoga

Adaptive Yoga

  • 45 minute class is taught using a chair as a prop. Just like a traditional Yoga class it will begin with centering and breathe work. Students are introduced to Yoga using the chair as an aide in all standing postures and balance. Ideal for beginners and individuals with limited range of motion.


Softer Side to Yoga/Simple Yoga/Morning Stretch

  • Soft, easy stretching and joint movement. This is a very meditative yoga practice that will truly relax anyone. 60 minutes.


Align & Flow /, Vinyasa Flow/Fundamental Yoga Flow

  •  A Yoga practice that will educate you as you attend. Working with breath, meditation, centering and the physical practice creating a well-rounded yogi. Great for Beginners to Advanced practices.  Breathe synchronized Yoga practice. Breathe and Posture (Asana) link together making this a flowing, dynamic Yoga practice. Sun Salutation, Inversions, Balances are all part of these classes. Intermediate to Advance. These classes are generally 60 minutes long. Beginners are welcome if their  physical condition is strong.


Essential Yoga

Combining essential oils with yoga practice. Classes are alignment and breath focused and have a meditative quality.  Classes are well suited for all levels.  This will  be taught from a variety of styles and will leave you feeling elevated when leaving her class.


Join Us for Yoga here at The Fit Stop!

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