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Youth Sports Alliance

The Youth Sports Alliance (YSA) introduces kids to sports and inspires them to keep moving throughout their lives.  YSA was founded in 2002 to increase the number of children participating in winter sports in Summit and Wasatch Counties following the 2002 Olympic Games.  A few years later, YSA added afterschool programming to keeps kids active and off their screens, while also serving as a pipeline to winter sport clubs and competition.  In 2014, YSA established the Stein Eriksen YSA Opportunity Endowment, a $2 million need-based scholarship fund for competitive athletes.  In 2022, YSA began fundraising for a $2 million Gaddis YSA Endowment to provide funding for expenses affiliated with YSA afterschool programs that traditionally cannot be covered by fees, grants or sponsorships.

Year Long Youth Climbing Programs

Our Crag Climbing programs are a great way to introduce climbing to kids. We offer programs for beginners & intermediate climbers alike. Kids will learn the basics of climbing techniques as well as learning how to safely climb in an indoor environment. Along with climbing, they learn how to tie into harnesses & climb on a rope. This is a great introduction for younger kids to build the confidence & strength needed for climbing Fit Stop Youth Climb programs are 4 week progressive programs that teaches climbing technique, equipment  safety, problem solving, trust, teamwork, strength & endurance, & so much more!

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Summer Programs

Ninja Camp

Summer Climbing Camp






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